Learn to trade forex professionally with our educational program.
Forex is the biggest financial market in the world and that is why it brings enormous opportunities of financial freedom. It is up to us whether we are able to grab it or not. You can make a successful career in trading forex. The only thing you will require is proper guidance and training. Here at FXPIPCHAMP, we will help you in becoming a professional forex trader and fund manager. 

With Our Educational Program,
You will Learn-

  1. Forex Basics
    You will learn the basics of forex trading in depth with us. It is always good to begin the things with accurate knowledge and here we will be doing the same thing.'Forex Basics' will be our chapter of this journey and there will be many more to come...
  2. Fundamental Analysis
    It is always important to know what moves the market and how. With 'Fundamental Analysis', you will learn many amazing things that will teach you how forex market works fundamentally, what moves the market and how to analyze it. You will also learn, how to use fundamental analysis in trading.
  3. Technical Analysis
    After knowing the basics and fundamental analysis, it is important to learn how to enter into the trade at right time and this is what you will learn in 'Technical Analysis'. You will also learn many other points like chart reading, types of technical analysis, carry trade strategies etc.
  4. Systems & Trading
    In this phase, we will share some tried & tested extraordinary trading systems with you. With the help of these trading systems, you will be able to start trading on short term as well as on long term basis. This is the phase where you will start making real profits by applying the knowledge you gained till now.
  5. Strategy Testing
    Forex system developers around the world are always in search of professional strategy testers. With 'Strategy Testing', you will able to learn how to test strategy's and how to apply it in your trading as well as in professional career. We will also guide you about how to find legitimate strategy tester jobs.
  6. Risk Management
    Half battle is won if you know how to manage the risk. When it comes to the largest market in the world - forex, you must have proven risk management techniques. So, when the time is right, this is exactly how you will trade confidently.
  7. Portfolio Preperation
    It is good to have a trading portfolio ready when you are going to mange the funds professionally. We will help you and guide you in preparing your trading portfolio. You will also learn how to promote your portfolio and where to promote it so you can start your fund management career on a proper tack from the beginning.
  8. Forex For A Living
    This will be the last phase of our course where we will guide you how to trade forex for a living and how to trade it as a business too. There are many surprising and motivational chapters included in 'Forex For A Living'. So, are you ready to 'Trade Forex Like A Champ'?

Ways To Get Started...

  1. Group Training
    Group Training
    If you are a group of passionate learners, our team of mentors will come to your place to provide complete training for 2 days. Thereafter you will receive the online support until you start trading successfully & make profit consistently.
  2. One on One Training
    One on One Training
    One of our mentor will come to your place and will provide complete training for 2 days. Thereafter you will get the online support from the same mentor until you start trading successfully & make profit consistently.
  3. Online Training
    Online Training
    If you want to learn this program online then one of our mentor will provide you the complete training through skype. Online training will consist of 12 hours with One and Half Hour of each session. Session timings will be allotted as per the availability by that time.

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